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Concerned? Find Your Answers Here! 

Common Questions

Q: I have bad credit, should I even bother?

A: Yes. Most homeowners who have fallen behind on house payments have experienced some credit problems in the past. We can provide assistance regardless of credit.

Q: My mortgage company sent back my payment, Why?

A: Many lenders will refuse to accept any payment unless it is the entire amount you are behind (including late, collection & legal fees) once you miss just one payment.  The difficult part is sending it back to you often causes you to get further behind.  Once foreclosure proceedings have started your lender will not accept any payment less than the full amount that is in arrears, including foreclosure costs and legal fees.

Q: Someone stopped by the house, what is happening?

A: Lenders & investors often have representatives perform a site inspection to evaluate the condition of the property and verify occupancy.  Don’t be intimidated.

Q: I am behind on payments, how much time do I have before foreclosure?

A: Foreclosure time varies according to state law.  Time is not your friend when you’re behind on payments. You need to take action.  With our help you can avoid foreclosure procedures from starting or stop the foreclosure if its already begun. The longer you wait, the more you will pay in court costs, late charges, and attorney fees.

Q: Do you provide help with my credit card bills or auto loans?

A: Not directly. We specialize with one thing, bringing your mortgage current and stopping foreclosure.

Q: How long does it take for a case to be completed, once I am approved?

A. Your case could be completed in as little as 2 days or stretched out up to 10 weeks depending on your financial situation. The length of time for a workout approval may also largely be dependant on the reason for your default.

Q: Can you really resolve my foreclosure?


A. The rare case that we can not resolve is the situation in which a client does not provide accurate information regarding their financial situation (example - bankruptcy, financial data, taxes, or employment).


Q: Is there time to stop my foreclosure?


A. Until the auction occurs there is enough time for a homeowner to stop their foreclosure. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE, and action should be taken as soon as possible. Under normal circumstances, a foreclosure can be stopped through Foreclosure Assistance's mediation services in approximately 4-6 weeks. For homeowners with a sale date set for their property, the process moves much more quickly. We have even stopped foreclosure the same day we were contacted. Your situation can be resolved up until the day before the sale, but it is highly recommended to act as quickly as possible.


Q. Can I get help immediately?


A. Yes. You may apply for assistance right now.
Or call us now for a free consultation!


Q. What are the steps in the Foreclosure Process


1.      Lis pendens: Notice to all associated parties of the beginning of a legal action. This notice must be recorded at the Office of the Clerk of Civil Court.

2.      Final judgment and sale date: A court hearing is held to set a sale date and settlement amount for the courthouse auction of the property.

3.      Publication: Your name, property address, amount owed, and sale date are published in the newspaper for 3 consecutive weeks prior to sale.

4.      Courthouse auction: The property is auctioned at the courthouse to the general public.

*Deficiency judgment: If the lender does NOT recover their entire investment, they may still sue the borrower for the balance due even after the foreclosure.

When facing foreclosure time matters, delay is your enemy.  You must act fast while there is still time to halt the foreclosure proceedings. Call us today for a no obligation consultation.  Get back on your feet, and put yourself back in the race.

Please send us an e-mail and thank you for visiting our web site.
Ernest Gonzalez
Licensed Mortgage Broker
Branch Manager 
Banc Plus Home Mortgage Center

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