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Unfortunately, we do not specialize in Reverse Mortgages. However, you may contact a colleage of mine that only specializes in Reverse Mortgages. His expertise and professionalism can guide you through the process.
R. Kennith Bluh
Vice President
Capital international Financial, Inc.
395 Alhambra Circle
Coral Gables, Florida 33134
305-442-1256 Ext. 3033

E-mail Mr. Bluh Here

This reverse mortgage publication will presume a beginners` point of view on this appealing topic. It will offer you the information that you should understand the most. Window-shopping for a morgages over the internet is much easier than actually completing the process electronically.
Should you have questions, or anything goes amiss, the PC/laptop can`t interact with you and work it out. Likewise, if you have undesirable credit rating, a loan pro will need to see whether you can meet the eligibility criteria for a higher sub prime loan, and if so, will have to identify which loan. Sad to say, online home mortgage web sites typically are not targeted at loan-seekers who have anything but top-notch credit.
Before you complete an on-line application for a purchase, refinance, or equity loan, bear the following suggestions in mind:
1. Read up on the mortgage loans procedure. Attend a workshop, group discussion, attend a tutorial or else locate the information through an edifying book or conventional loan agent.
2. Choose an online agent approved and monitored by your state. Your state`s regulatory bureau may not be equipped to manage problems with external loan issuers.
3. Get some information about the on-line loan issuer. The broker identifies your mortgage loan, but a lender guarantees and also finances it.
4. Evaluate various online mortgage rates. Shop around by using Internet brokers, `click and mortar` brokers (who are both on and off the Web), and traditional `brick and mortar` (or offline) brokers and mortgage providers. Obtain the most excellent rate and financial terms prior to applying. Brick-and-mortar loan issuers are acquainted with the fact that Internet lenders could be more affordable and they will attempt to give you a better deal.
5. Do not be taken by the effortlessness of finishing applications over the internet. Conduct your research, finalize a loan application when you`ve decided on the online house loan you want to procure - and then abide by your decision. If, for instance, you complete a loan application at work but do not have Internet access at home, you will fail to take advantage of the automated online online house loan process.
6. Ask for a rate lock (a lender`s guarantee that the loan rate quoted won`t change for a specific period). On or off the Internet, a rate lock - in writing - insures you a particular rate of interest as well as financial terms for a specified period of time.
7. Consider security issues. It is possible, though not very probable, that somebody could pilfer your internet application data. However, it`s almost certainly a great deal easier to break into your broker`s work place to rummage for the records than it is to crack open a heavily secured on line loans mortgage web-site.
8. Be careful about come-ons. Use the same caution at the time you evaluate products online as you would when shopping someplace else. The identical teaser-rate (an extremely low but very temporary introductory rate to procure business), bait and switch (garnering business by advertising a product at an usually low price, while actually having little or nothing of this product in stock and then offering to sell the customer a similar product at a higher price), and small-print (putting vital information where it is easily missed) manipulations that occur in traditional shopping places regrettably also are found on the Web.

Whenever we learn we continue on a path of growth. That means, the knowing you`ve gained from reviewing this reverse mortgage article has just furthered you more than you believe.

Please send us an e-mail and thank you for visiting our web site.
Ernest Gonzalez
Licensed Mortgage Broker
Branch Manager 
Banc Plus Home Mortgage Center

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